Sahat Hutauruk

Inventory System

Created inventory system and my team setup Lan networking, socialization system all of module iventory until to accounting

Client :

PT. Graha Triago Medika

Website : gtmfacebook

Size : 58+

Date : 2017 - 2018

Work :

  • Visited to location/company to do survey and collect data, conduct interviews with users, how SOP manual users during this time is. Come to location(6+ times)
  • Analyze data & create erd, dfd, database relation, flowchat, use case, class diagram, etc, analyze users level/access module every users level, develop, socialization, maintenance system
  • Teams With Me : Accountant | Tester | Networking | FrontEnd
  • Tech : Laravel | vue | PHP | Networking | Jquery

Data Flow Diagram :

  • Entity : item, province/city,customer, supplier, sales, storage rack, transportation, user level
  • Purchase Order : User orders item to supplier next proccess check item orders (order item can replace only qty) before do received order in warehouse(update stock)
  • Sales Order : Sales notes orders customer, sales can login system to look item stock, sales send orders customers to sales department next proccess next proccess sales department create delivery orders for distirbution customers orders
  • Received Order : Wirehouse module is update stock item from purchase order & sales order & return sales / purchase order, stock opname
  • Finace : Modules consist of fitur account payable, account receivable, print invoice , preview billing purchase order supplier/ sales order costumers
  • Accounting : Modules consist of COA, journal, daily journal reports, general ledger, trial balance, profit and loss, balance post

The Results :

Number of database tables
5+ Month
Development Time Until GoLive
8 Month
System Warranty - Maintenance Extension
Average Records
Average records incoming per day

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